• $35 Dollars to His Name, Greg McDaniel’s Personal Spark

    Greg McDaniel Realtor, Co-Founder Of Real Estate Uncensored Podcast When the last SHIFT in the Real Estate Market hit California, Greg was nearly it’s victim. In this authentic and vulnerable interview, Greg shares with us his spark of hitting rock bottom, and how he vowed never to be t […]
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  • Inspiration from Jim Carrey

    Kevin Hoover Realtor, Business Coach After losing a job, Kevin Hoover found this spark.  A video from Jim Carrey’s commencement Address at the 2104 MUM Graduation ceremony.  Kevin shares why he listened to this almost 100 times during his personal, professional and life transition.  H […]
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  • Bad Day Recovery Kit

    Tressa Ellis Realtor, Cincinnati, Ohio It’s not IF you have a bad day, but when, as Tressa says. This is how she prepares both herself and her high school daughter to deal with disappointment and sadness. Her Recovery Kit or as her daughter calls it, her Sadness File are stored on their […]
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