The Ultimate Buyer Loyalty Process

Make more money;

With less stress.

Work with buyers you LIKE!


That’s what other agents said they got to do after taking this course!  

Wouldn’t that be great, to be seen as an authority, an Expert Buyer Specialist, and close 90% of your buyers?!  


That’s so much better than showing 20 homes to a buyer that you don’t know has a downpayment, can be pre-approved, missing soccer games or time with your family or friends. Spending time and money in the HOPES that you will get paid at a closing.  It’s so much better than feeling like you have to JUMP like a jack in the box any time or day a buyer wants to see a house, messing up your vacation, your schedule or your family's needs.  


YOU can be an EXPERT BUYER SPECIALIST and get the same results in a fraction of the time than Jenny did!  Let Amy B. Show you how to have your buyers respect and loyalty, increase your income, lower your stress, work with buyers you like by investing in The Ultimate Buyer Loyalty Process Online Course.

Veteran agents in the business over 10 years have been able to take this course and increase their sales and have a better Net Life too!  Brand new agents that haven’t sold a house or who are fumbling around trying to figure out how to sell to buyers efficiently are taking away processes and tools to work smarter, not harder!  


No matter how you generate your leads, online, open house, website, facebook, relationship based referrals, this system VALIDATES the lead, gets them set up for success, and helps you focus on getting the buyers that can buy to the closing table.  


Invest in this course, bet on YOURSELF, and expect a greater return on your investment when you become an EXPERT BUYER SPECIALIST.

Here is the value provided with your investment:

Six 90-Minute Video Lessons


Topics Covered:

  • Pre-Qualifying call with the Buyer
  • Buyer Introduction Package
  • Lender Pre-Approval
  • Buyer Counseling Session
  • Buyer Loyalty Agreement
  • Touring and Inventory
  • Negotiation, Pricing and Offer Strategy
  • Inspection, Closing and Referrals
  • Many, many more and always adding


Professionally Designed Documents you can add your Branding to include:

  • Road Map of The Ultimate Buying Process
  • Buyer Lead Pre-Qualification Form
  • Buyer Counseling Session Agenda
  • Buyer Loyalty Agreement
  • VIP Buyer Property Search Criteria Form
  • Property Report Card
  • Buyer Financing Do’s and Don’ts
  • Tips for Looking for Houses
  • Preparing for Negotiations
  • Buyer Wants & Needs ONLINE FORM

Other Bonus Items:

  • Private Facebook Group Access and Engagement
  • Email Template for Writing an offer
  • Email Template for Inspections
  • Showing Assistant Resources
  • Open House Tips
  • NAR Multiple Offers White Paper
  • Housewarming Party Resources
  • Buyer Love Letter Examples
  • #AgentHacks Videos
  • Dotloop Discount Code (Coming Feb of 2018)
  • Bomb Bomb 14 Day Trial
  • Lifetime access to the recordings and materials via the Member Site
  • Always adding to this list and improving the courses

** If you are investing in the ON DEMAND version of this course, that’s because we aren’t currently offering a LIVE session. Binge watch away and get active on the Facebook Page!! When you invest in the ON DEMAND version, you are also invited to participate in the next LIVE Session at no additional charge.  Some people love this, some have no interest.  You will be informed of the next LIVE Session dates when they are made available.